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The Need

The Cancer Treatment Unit of the Kandy General Hospital has been in existence for four decades, handling over 4000 new patients per year from the Central province and neighboring districts. Though the current cancer treatment unit of the hospital has helped many patients, it has many limitations such as the existing equipment being in disrepair, demand for cancer therapy exceeding availability, the capacity shortage, lack of specialist doctors and the need for modern medical technology. Therefore it is essential to upgrade and replace its facilities urgently.

The Project

A new state-of-the-art, 10-story oncology unit has been proposed and it will unite all the Cancer Centre’s clinical programs under one roof and will be of service for patients with the most complicated and lethal cancers. Thus, the project envisages enlarging and improving the quality of care for patients suffering from cancer. This goal will be reached through the realization of a specialized radiotherapy centre with 2 linear accelerators, a brachytherapy unit and a solid and good structure for treatment of these patients including care for prevention, information, diagnosis investigations, treatment and after-care. It will also be the2nd cancer hospital in Sri Lanka to house both inpatient (340-beds) and outpatient treatment facilities. Recognizing the unique challenges for women and children with cancer, the new centre will house dedicated women’s Cancer wards, including a Gynecologic Oncology Center as well as a unit dedicated to pediatric care.

The new Cancer Treatment Centre will be housed at the premises of the General Hospital Kandy, in the main city of the Central province of Sri Lanka. It is situated a short distance within the Municipal limits of the Kandy and can easily be reached via the new Kandy - Colombo road. The actual construction could take between 18 to 24 months to complete construction and the installation of new equipment. The existing facility will remain open until the new treatment centre is completed in order to provide uninterrupted care to the community.

The Cost

The cost of the project has been estimated at Rs 1,050 Mn (USD 9.5 Mn) of which Rs 400 Mn will be funded by the State while the balance Rs 650 Mn (USD 6 Mn) is needed to be secured through philanthropy. In order to achieve this target a separate committee affiliated to the General Hospital Kandy has been formed.

Fund Raising

The committee has planned a series of funding strategies to meet the required target such as sale of tickets, flag days, door to door sales, a revamped web site with the capability to make online donations and even circulating and presenting the detailed project proposal to potential Institutional Donors. In addition to these strategies the use of technology – specifically mobile telephony – will be key. This will make it easier and more affordable for the general public to donate. This will be done using Short Message Service (SMS) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)


Auditing and reporting will be carried out by Ernest & Young (E&Y). All disbursements will be audited on a quarterly basis. All donors interested in the progress of the project and accounting reports will receive these details quarterly via email.

This web site was formulated as a small step to raise funds for over US$ 7.5 million (within a year) to build a brand new Cancer Treatment Center in Kandy

LKR 750 Million
The Cancer Treatment Unit of the Kandy General Hospital has been in existence for four decades   Kandy Cancer Fund
Proposed Cancer Treatment Centre

  • 10 Stories
  • 4 Out Patient Clinics
  • 340 Beds
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Gynecological Care
  • Leukemia Treatment Centre
  • Female,Male and Pediatric Wards
  • Linear Accelerator
  • Brachytherapy Unit
  • Chemotherapy Unit
  • Laboratory
  • Radio Therapy Centre
  • Cancer Outreach Unit

  • Our Vision
    Make sure every victim of cancer, be it man, women of child, has access to best possible treatment and care

    Our Mission
    To improve cancer treatment care, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care across Sri Lanka, particularly in the Central and adjacent provinces, readdressing the inequality in the treatment of cancer

    Message from the Chairman – Hospital Committee
    It is with great pleasure we convey the pilling work of the new Cancer Treatment Centre has been successfully completed in spite of difficulties such as the inclement weather conditions etc. We have experienced. It is a great moment for us all. The credit for this achievement must go to all those involved in it in many ways large and small to spread awareness of this noble cause by raising funds and donation to help us complete this stage of construction. Our grateful thanks go to all of you. However, since we have a long way ahead before completion, we would appreciate your continues support and blessings towards this much awaited new Cancer Treatment Centre in Kandy.

    Mohan Samarakoon
    Hospital Commitee - Cancer Fund Kandy

    Message from the Chairman – Hospital Committee
    The medical staff attached to the Cancer Unit of the Kandy Teaching Hospital requested the Hospital Development Committee, to construct a Cancer Unit with better facilities. Currently they have only 84 beds for Male and female patients that are warded. My committee was motivated to initiate this project and assist the hospital authorities due to increased number of patients recorded from distant Provinces. The members wish to launch this as a Community Project with the assistance from the general public. The medical facilities at the Kandy Hospital are used by patients who travel from 6 out of the 9 Provinces in Sri Lanka. They come from very distant places for specialized treatment like cancer. The construction cost is estimated at Rs.640 million. The Unit will be a 10 storey building with all modern facilities. The launch of this project is on 26th November, 2011 at 9.30 a.m. at the Kandyan Cultural Centre, Kandy. We appeal for financial assistance from you to make it a success and complete this venture within three years.

    Mohan Samarakoon
    Hospital Commitee - Cancer Fund Kandy

    Message from Consultant Oncologist
    “Happiness, the goal for which we all are striving, is reached by endeavoring to make the lives of others happy.” Similar to the vision of the great Mahatma Gandhi, our vision at Cancer Treatment Centre (CTC) Kandy is to make lives of patients happier. For the past 40 years our staff did their best to provide safe and effective treatment with love and care utilizing the barest facilities currently available. Time has come for us to reach out for excellence and highest quality of care. CTC Kandy is built upon a strong foundation and is determined to continue its work with integrity, zeal and enthusiasm. On this memorable occasion, your contribution in any form, may it be monetary, technical expertise or voluntary work will be greatly appreciated. Let us look to the future with much hope.

    Dr Lakshman Obeysekera MD
    Consultant Oncologist

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