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Management and Adminstration of the project 

The hospital Committee formed as an act of parliment(Act No 10 of 1997) under a sub committee, Cancer Treatment Unit(comprised of both public and private sector individuals) manages the project to raise funds and construct the new Cancer Treatment Centre affiliated to the General Hospital of Kandy. The funds collected are managed by the Cancer Treatment Unit and subject to government financial regulations.

Ernst and Young (E&Y) are our statutory auditors assisting us as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This is in an effort to ensure total transparency in regard to all of the Committee’s financial collections, dealings and contracts.



The Committee 

President - Mr.Mohan Samarakoon

Secretary -Dr.Susil Sriwardena Deputy Director, General Hospital, Kandy

Treasurer- Ms.Samudra Hemachandra


Medical Advisory Committee 

Mr.Saman Ratnayake
Director, General Hospital, Kandy

Former Director, General Hospital, Kandy

Former Director General of Health Services

Dr.A.J.Hilmi-Consaltant Oncologist

Dr.Jayakumar-Consultant Oncologist


Technical Commitee

Former Director of General Health ServicesCharted Architech, Cultural Project Office, Kandy

Engineer/Deputy General Manager,
Magaragama Consultancy & Project Management Services, Moratuwa

Deputy General Manager/ Engineer
Regional Engineering Support Services, Natural water Suppy & Drainge Board, Peradeniya

Mr.Bandula Bambaranda 
Senior Quantity Surveyor, Hairu Engineering Consultancy(Pvt)Ltd, Kandy

Accountant, General Hospital, Kandy

Former Vice chancellor, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya


Project Administration
  • A project accountant hired by the Cancer Treatment Unit monitors and evaluates the received funds received for investment opportunities.
  • Documentation, transparency and accountability of funds collected are recorded and maintained
  • Advice from consultants on controls and best practices to be implemented are sought
  • Audited accounts available on the website


Auditing and Reporting on Funds
  • Ernst & Young are our statutory auditors for the project
  • Accounting reports are distributed on a quarterly basis via e-mail to all interested donors. The report also contain the progress of the Project against set milestones
  • All disbursements are audited on a quarterly basis
  • Checks are signed by three signatories nominated by the Hospital Committee -- President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Committee
Audit Report - Period of 6 months to end of 31st March 2016