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Why Another Cancer Treatment Centre ?

Cancer ranks among the top killer disease in the world!

Of the health issues that are impacting people across the world at an alarming rate,cancer ranks among the top three.

Each of us know someone (a friend, a relative, a teacher, a neighbour or at least a celebrity) whose life has been completely altered because of cancer. Many of us know them to have not been able to fight the war against cancer in the long run. 






Is cancer so lethal as to take away the lives of every person diagnosed with this “killer disease”?

NO! Most cancers are very treatable with advances in modern medicine and technology   Early diagnosis and early intervention is the key to cancer cure! However, most of these facilities are only accessible to the rich who are financially sound to travel for treatment aboard.

18,000 people are being diagnosed with Cancer in Sri Lanka every year and 33% of them end up dead within a year despite the advances in medicine and technology. Cancer has evolved to be the number two killer disease affecting people regardless of age, from infants to senior citizens. 









What about 70% of Sri Lankans who live in rural Sri Lanka?
What happens when they are diagnosed with Cancer?

They have little money!

Not enough money  for accommodation, traveling or medicine.
Insufficient outpatient chemotherapy facilities force almost all patients to stay overnight to avail even a short course of chemotherapy!

They have waiting lines!

Sometimes for more than 2 years, by which time they mostly end up dead

They have to at times sleep on the floor!

Only 84 beds in the Cancer Ward at the Kandy General Hospital. Only 3 beds allocated for children!


They simply have NO CHOICE


The Kandy General Hospital caters to over 4,000 new cancer patients every year from different parts of the island (including the Central and neighbouring Provinces) 





The oncology unit at the Kandy Hospital was established 33 years ago and consists of only two wards(84 beds), a radiation unit, clinics and treatment rooms.With more than 4,000 new Cancer patients every year, the current facilities are not even close to paralleling the increasing patient demand for cancer therapy! As a result, patients are referred to National Cancer Institute, Maharagama which is about 145 km away from the city of Kandy. The long distance and high cost of travelling involved with frequent visits to Magarahama causes patients to become seriously crippled both financially and mentally.  Consequently, most patients die, not of cancer..... but of inaccessibility to treatment facilities!

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WHO predicts that if this continues, by 2020, mortality rate due to cancer would increase up to10 million people globally, with more than 70% occurring in developing countries like Sri Lanka!


Do we wait till Sri Lanka is sentenced to death by Cancer?

There is always HOPE and every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life, no matter what!   Because................

"When cancer hits, it hits really hard. It does not only affect the person with cancer, but all of the person's family and friends too !"


That is why the 10 storey “Cancer Treatment Centre” in Kandy was proposed!

This facility will be equipped with state-of-the- art medical technology and will dedicate to serving the needs of patients with even the most lethal cancers.

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The estimated cost of the total project is Rs. 1,050 million ($10.5 million). The government has assured Rs. 400 million, mostly for funding of medical equipments. This still leaves us with Rs. 650 million to be secured, a third of which has been pledged by philanthropists and fundraising events!


Target Rs. 750 Million


  • Indra Traders
  • Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim Traders association (1st floor each)
  • President Fund (confirmed on 01.03.13)


  • 150 mil
  • 90 mil
  • 80 mil

 Funds Collected to date through fund raising events & philanthropists

167 mil

Total funds available including pledges

487 mil

Funds to be collected

263 mil